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***13** [Walmart]306405is your Walmart verification code. It expires in 15 minutes. We'll never call or text to request this code. 10 minutes ago
***74** Your temporary verification code is:644780 13 minutes ago
***13** [Walmart]224311is your Walmart verification code. It expires in 15 minutes. We'll never call or text to request this code. 16 minutes ago
***82** Carrie, we can't wait for you to view this. Here are the details about the offer - loclvt.com/a/5E1L18 Reply STOP to opt out 16 minutes ago
***81** Cash App: 775-229 is your sign-in code. By entering, you agree to the Terms, E-Sign Consent, and Privacy Policy: https://cash.app/legal/tos 20 minutes ago
***43** sms.goodnight.app의 인증 코드는280362입니다. 25 minutes ago
***05** [034775] XPLA GAMES에서 전송한 인증번호입니다. 25 minutes ago
***41** ‏248388‏ هو رمزك على Instagram. لا تشاركه. ‏‏ 25 minutes ago
***62** Emerging Markets Consulting: Former Microsoft Product Leader to Help Launch AI Developer Platform LATEST NEWS: https://txt.so/HSUtrH Reply stop to stop 29 minutes ago
***70** AT&T Msg: Your confirmation code is:8383 29 minutes ago
***43** sms.goodnight.app� �� 코드는280362�니다. 29 minutes ago
***05** [034775] XPLA GAMES�서 전송한 ��번호�니다. 29 minutes ago
***24** Greetings Rolando Martinez! Your access code for 24 Sunny Glen Drive is: Circle Button03531. Should you have any access issues or questions, please call us: 833-998-3941. Thank you for your interest with AMH! 36 minutes ago
***83** Carrie, we recently received this. Did you want to move forward - byteinsght.com/a/971UR2 Reply STOP to opt out 36 minutes ago
***42** ZenWallet: Ignite Your Future With Financial Assistance. Take Action: https://zwt1.co/4QYJJjR Text stop to end 36 minutes ago
***10** BiP Verification Code:64470Please do not share. AviOZVGs9JJ B002 36 minutes ago
***46** True Classic: The best gifts don't come in a box. They come in a pack. Save 20-50% on favorite winter packs, right now: https://trueclassic.pscrpt.io/7QDaDi 36 minutes ago
***17** Kit and Ace: Please reply Y to receive updates. Msg & data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to opt out 36 minutes ago
***24** AMH: We hope you enjoyed the tour of 24 Sunny Glen Drive!� �� Loved the home? Apply now: https://www.amh.com/t/UqrikiNg � Questions? Give us a call: 833-998-3942Thank you for considering AMH! 36 minutes ago
***50** Bounti: Answer The Call Of Opportunity! Claim Up To $4918Today! View Here: https://bnte1.co/ZSUQ8Nu Reply stop to end 36 minutes ago
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