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How is this service useful?

Today, many sites require SMS confirmation of phone number when registering, such as Facebook or Whatsapp, not to mention the promotion sites where they simply collect phone numbers of trusting users and send advertisements for their services. That's why we are often faced with the need to have another mobile number at hand.

Our free service of receiving sms to virtual numbers will help to solve this problem. Anyone can confirm their account to a real phone number and thus secure their own from spam and other unwanted messages.

Other options for using the service:

How to use disposable numbers?

Choose any toll-free number from the list of online numbers above and send a text message to it. After a few seconds you will see the code in the list of incoming messages on the page of this number. If the SMS didn't come, try sending it to another number or select another country. USA and UK numbers have high sms retrievability.

Attention: You do not need to refresh the page. All messages arrive instantly as soon as they are on our server.

How do temporary numbers for receiving sms work?

51 There are 52 free temp numbers online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive sms. Every day we change most of the numbers to eliminate as much as possible the possibility of a second confirmation of the phone by another user on the same site. Frequency of updating approximately every 3 hours for 3 numbers.

We only use real SIM cards, which guarantees that we can accept texts from any sender. They are usually called virtual numbers because they are only available online. SMS reception speed is on average 5 seconds and depends on the operator's workload. Segmented messages appear on the site only after the last part arrives.

Rules of Use

We are not responsible for any possible consequences of the use of our site. Any illegal activity related to the use of our numbers is strictly prohibited, and your data may be handed over to the appropriate authorities.

In addition, the service can only be used through a browser. Any attempts to use automation software will be blocked.

We also do not recommend linking important personal accounts to these toll-free numbers, as these accounts can later be restored by other users via SMS. Remember that these are one-time numbers and can be used for several days. Use private numbers for important accounts.

Illegal sms

All numbers have an automatic filter that blocks messages received from payment systems, paid subscriptions and other financial institutions.

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