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What are the advantages of this service?

Today, a lot of web-sites are conducting registration via SMS on your phone number, like whatsapp or tinder, any sites with promotions which work as accumulators of cellphone numbers of credent users and then send the ads on these numbers. That’s why we often face the necessity of a mobile number at hand.

This problem can be solved with our service for receiving SMS for free. Anybody can confirm his account with a real cell phone number and secure his own number from spam and other undesirable messages.

Other variants for the usage of our service:

How to use?

Choose one free number from the above mentioned and send SMS. In a couple of seconds, you will see it in the list of all incoming messages on the page, which belongs to this number. If you haven’t got the SMS – try to send it on other number.

Attention! There is no need to update the page. All messages are received in a blink, as appear on the server.

How it works?

4 free numbers for receiving SMS are available twenty-four- hours. Every day we change most of the numbers to exclude the possibility of double-use of the number by other user on the same website. The update rate is 3 numbers every 3 hours.

We’re using only real sim cards which guarantees the receiving SMS from any sender. Usually, such numbers are called virtual numbers, because it is available only in online format. The speed of SMS receiving is 5 seconds and depends on mobile operator’s occupancy. Segmentable messages appear on the website only after the last part is received.

Terms of use

We don’t take responsibility for any possible consequences of using our website. Any illegal actions, connected with the usage of our phone numbers are strictly prohibited, and your data can be passed to the applicable authorities.

Also, you can use our service only through the browser. Other attempts of using the programs will be blocked.

We highly recommend not to bind important personal accounts to these free numbers, because such accounts can be restored by other users by SMS.

Forbidden SMS

All numbers have automatic filter for blocking messages from payment providers, paid subscriptions and other financial organizations.

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